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Intellectual card(Inlay)
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Mifare One S50 1k Card Inlay
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Detailed Product Description

1.Size: Standard 85.5*54mm, customized size available
2.Layout : A4 (2 x 5,3x7,4x5 )and other customized
3.Thickness: 0.38MM

Quality Guarantee

  • Inlays are 100% function tested, dimension & visual inspection
  • Strict production & QC process control according to ISO system.
  • All product spec & production conditions will be confirmed by client before mass production, which will ensure the quality following confirmed spec and samples if provided.
  • Proven quality level for global customers over 30 countries now.

Main Feature

  • All products were produced by mature, reliable Tech
  • Mass production to ensure your delivery on time, even samples
  • Support different Inlay format with customized dimension and spec
  • Chips cover LF 125KHz, HF 13.56MHz and UHF 900-915M are available

    1. users can produce low-cost color printing cards and personalized card system 
    2. shortening the production cycle, improve competitiveness
    3. based on customer requirements to build.

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