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Coated overlay with Mag strip
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PVC Mag stripe film
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Detailed Product Description

 1.Thickness of overlay: 40-100 Micron
 2.Classify:HI_CO 2750OE, LO_CO 350OE
 3.Magnetic stripe: Kurz, Lucky or customized.

Technical note:

 In manufacturing process, it can be directly laminated with PVC printing sheet, simplify the fabrication process, save time, adhesive strength is high.

Steps to make cards:
 1.Put printing core and two overlays together, then put into the laminator.(the laminating temperature and time is determined as per the instruction of the machine).Please be noticed that all glue sides of both PVC sheets and Overlays are put inward.
 2.Tlamination lasts 10-15 minutes. The pressure is 6-8Mpa.The temperature is 120-140¡ãC.
 3.Cutting the card.

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