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Lampshade film
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PVC film/materials for lampshades
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Detailed Product Description

1.Color: Various Colors
2.Width: Max.1530MM
3.Thickness: 0.1-0.6mm
4.Size of inner paper core: 3 inches


  UV stabilized film, antistatic treated, No stripes in the film


  High pressure resistant . waterproof, oil-resistance, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and nontoxic.

  And the lampshade film can be printed or embossed various pattern.


  Our lampshade film was be widely used for lamp or light. High pressure resistant . Perfect decoration for lighting. For laminating with Fabric or do silk-screen printing/offset printing. The material is waterproof, oil-resistance, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and nontoxic. The material can be made tab lampshade, wall mount lampshades, ceiling lampshades and so on.

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