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Medical laser printing film
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PET Medical laser film for printing
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1.Color: White or Clear
2.Printing Method: Laser or Inkjet Printing
3.Size: A3,A4,or cusromized


1.Can be used for high precision color laser printer

2.High contrast




  This product is a direct printing supplies, it can get the desired results on FUJI, Agfa, Kodak and other printers. For other printers, it need take a experiment to determine the best use condition before direct use.


  The original packaging should be stored in dry, cool, clean rooms, and should prevent from direct sunlight, acid-base gas.

Specification requirements are below

1. Temperature, humidity: Temperature 10-23 centigrade;

Relative humidity 30-65 percentages, store far away from heat source.

2. Gas: The storage room must not have hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde such acid gases.

3. Pile, Please keep film upright to avoid the bad influence caused by pressure. 

Period of validity

  The period of validity is 30 months under above environment.

Conditions of usage

  The best condition of usage as following:   Temperature 18¡ãC~24¡ãC, humidity 50%~65%RH.

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