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Card cutter for one card
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Card Cutter Machine is used to punch plastic cards and paper
card and aluminium foil and other mateials. Motor control the fly wheel to let
the punching head down and up, it's high speed punching and stronly, the edge of
the cards is cutted smoothly.

Punching Sheet  A4
Punching Size     85.6mm*54mm
Punching Thickness 0.1mm-1.2mm 
Punching Mold 1 die
Working Efficiency 1200pcs/hour
Voltage Input 110V or 220V      50/60Hz
Operate Method manual feed sheet, start by hand shank or foot pedal, motor punching
Machine Size 480mm*320mm*540mm
Packing Size 630mm*430mm*570mm
Net/Gross Weight 100KGS/120KGS



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