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  • Hot Stamping Machine

    Introduction        It is controlled by micro computer, temperature is adjustable by temperatue meter

  • Card Embosser

    Introduction    It is manully machine to emboss characters on plastic card, same effect as our bank card and cre

  • Portable card counter-JC1100C

    Specification: Card material All common plastic cards (ABS, PVC, PC PET, etc.) incl. white cards and paper board c

  • Card cutter for one card

      Introduction Card Cutter Machine is used to punch plastic cards and paper card and aluminium foil and other mateials. M

  • Two Card Punching Machine

      Introduction Cut two mark holes by hole cutter with machine, feed the sheet into the mold manually, press the pedal and

  • A4/A3 Laminating Machine

    Introduction   It is one kind of hot roll laminating machine, there is one temperature meter to adjust temperature, LED l

  • Magnetic Card Encoder

    Features:   1.USB Interface     2.Weight: 1.4Kg approx   3.Read/write high&low coercive(300-400O

  • A4 card laminator

      Detailed Product Description Layers : 1~10 sheets Usage: equipment for lamination cards Laminator area: A4 size Model

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